Frequently asked QUESTIONS


◘  What is specifications of enameled aluminum wire your company can produce?

■  Gauge of enameled aluminum wire:
Enameled round aluminum wire: 0.2mm-8.0mm
Enameled flat aluminum wire: a: 1-6mm, b: 3-16mm

◘   What’s the temperature-resist grade of your enameled aluminum wire?

■   We produce the thermal class of enameled aluminum wire from 130 to 220 Centigrade.

◘   What’s your company ‘s product scope?

■  we have many kinds of products ,such as enameled aluminum wire, enameled cooper wire, paper covered magnet wire, fiber glass covered magnet wire and other aluminum/cooper  magnet  wire products.

◘   How large the scale of your company?

■   Our Company covers almost 100,000 square meters, including plant area of 80,000 square meters.

◘   how about your company’s annual production capacity?

■   Our Company’s annual production is about 8,000 tons.

◘  How long has your factory set up?

■  We started production in 1993.

◘   What’s the price of your enameled aluminum wire?

■   Please sent an email to or a fax to 0086-371-65861123, our salesman will reply you as soon as possible.